Meet Bev & Jill
Combining Expertise for Exceptional Results

When working with the H3 Academy you get a magic that is hard to define, but which results in the creation of exponential business value and performance.

The pivot of H3’s success lies in Jill and Bev’s combined 50+ years expertise in executive leadership coaching and business strategy, combined with their strength of personality and their complimentary leadership philosophies.

As co-facilitators they bring diverse thinking into the room. Working as a team, they are able to provide a seamless face-to-face, virtual or hybrid experience that ensures the development of high level thinking and a behavioural synergy which is inherent in the H3 brand.

The H3 Academy Founders and Your Leadership Mentors
Jill Hamlyn - Master Executive Business Leadership Coach
Jill Hamlyn

Jill is a Master Executive Coach with a rare level of skilled    expertise and proven capabilities in working with, and partnering, high performing individuals and teams.

Her 30+ years of proven abilities in coaching, facilitation and the development of strategic thinking is now successfully transferred to a virtual environment.

As a seasoned professional, Jill is a steward of common sense. Due to her strong business acumen, her skills and abilities are utilized by senior executives within large corporations who wish to raise their game or “shift” their culture. Jill is equally adept at working with entrepreneurial start-ups.

Jill’s naturally nurturing, but challenging and deeply insightful approach, enables each of her clients to

raise self awareness, to hone their strategic business thinking and elevate their interpersonal & leadership acumen.

Her depth of experience allows her to continually draw on skills, competencies and experiences gained from working with a host of best practise business, leadership and managerial philosophies within a wide variety of South African, African and European contexts.

These skills are strategically fundamental in the development and growth of organisations who wish to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

Listen, Questions, Share, Challenge, Inspire & Empower
Bev Hancock - Lead Through Conversation
Bev Hancock

Bev is a strategic Conversational Catalyst, Facilitator & Interactive Presenter who uses a range of conversational strategies and technologies to stimulate interaction and dialogue.

Bev ably uses her 20+ years in strategy, learning design, leadership, coaching and deep understanding of conversational intelligence to build trust, accountability and inclusive leadership into every conversation.

Her masters research work on interactive engagement in the virtual environment makes her well placed to get the best out of remote work. This approach puts delegates at the centre of the action where they can use their technology to be part of the conversation, ask the courageous questions,give feedback and much more in real-time to create a fun and interactive experience.

The data emerging from the conversations is thematically analysed and presented as a post-conference report for further investment into the company strategy and culture. 

Bev has extensive experience working with the banking sector, having consulted on talent strategy, coached on leadership panels and facilitated leadership conversations in their cultural journey.

The Science & Magic of Agile Communication