Leadership Audit

Evaluate and unlock inherent

potential within

your leadership team

Utilise a powerful and insightful Leadership Audit © to evaluate and unlock the inherent potential within your current Leadership Team.

Each of the participants in the  Leadership Audit © will take part in a one-on-one engagement with a skilled leadership behavioural specialist. This process enables authentic insight and feedback into the environment’s deeper drivers whilst exposing any performance challenges.

Whilst protecting individual anonymity, all findings are captured and then summarized in a comprehensive feedback report. This document serves to stimulate powerful team dialogue. The measurable outcome of the discussions is a prioritised team road map. This project plan can be rolled-out in-house, or alternatively be supported by Group and/or Individual Executive Coaching. The entire exercise is guaranteed to proactively support the achievement of any current or future organisational strategy. The inherent power of this process can result in the definition of new initiatives for business growth and expansion.


provides clear and unambiguous insight into the prevailing environment, whilst simultaneously enabling all participants to develop and hone their individual and combined leadership, managerial and strategic prowess.

PROVEN<br />
That far surpass traditional leadership surveys &<br />
Diagnostic tools.
Why Should an Organisation Perform a Leadership Audit

A Leadership Audit © is ideal for organisations that want to raise the combined level of thinking and practical leadership within a specific environment where the combined skills of the team need to be enhanced. This could be Exco, Senior Management or a particular Business Unit. The basket of competencies and insight gained is guaranteed to influence the level of mature interaction within the entire organisation.

Meet the H3 Academy

Leadership Audit © Specialist

Jill Hamlyn
Jill Hamlyn - Master Executive Business Leadership Coach

The Leadership Audit © is personally supervised by Jill Hamlyn who has more than 30 years of experience at the highest levels of coaching and strategic leadership. Clients benefit from her wealth of business, academic and mature leadership and management experience. As a Master Executive Business Leadership Coach and Strategic Facilitator, Jill’s seamless and best practice approach is interwoven and embedded into a carefully chosen and well-trained Leadership Audit© Team who are able to deliver this exclusive and powerful intervention with a wide range of clientele.




Much greater interpersonal support and team congeniality.</p>
<p>Accelerated personal and team growth based upon individually identified objectives</p>
<p>A finessing of mature business 		insight – including, where possible, enabling the most senior strategic levels of thinking.</p>
<p>Enhanced behavioural and interpersonal development<br />
leading to the enhancement of each individual’s level of social capital<br />
A deepening appreciation and 		awareness of self and others</p>
<p>Maximise the ability to make more conscious choices </p>
<p>Development of strategic leadership and highly practical managerial abilities</p>
<p>Enhanced and more strategic communication skills</p>
<p>Vastly accelerated and sustainable individual and team growth