The Delegation Conversation that works!

At last! A Delegation Formula that works. Leaders, if you have been left frustrated or dissatised by the results of your delegation efforts you are not alone. Have you ever thought, I can do this faster and better myselfor I have been let down so often that I dont trust others to deliver to my standard?

The H3 Delegation Conversational Framework  will set both you, and the person you delegate to, up for success. This methodology addresses the root causes of failure in delegation and will empower you to get the job you require done by others, on time, and to standard, whilst also developing your team. We put Delegation excellence in the palm of your hand with our

Conversational  Framework.

What makes this course different?

Work with experienced global executive coaches, Jill Hamlyn and Bev Hancock who have acombined 50+ years experience in business leadership and coaching. Their uniquely interactive course will leave you with actionable tools and a proven model that you can immediately apply in your next Delegation conversation. The ultimate output is enabling you to empower individuals in your team, releasing you to focus on important leadership priorities.

What You’ll Learn

  • Discover why delegation fails and how to set the conversation up for success
  • Shift from a directive to a coaching approach and see what changes.
  • Select appropriate delegation tasks
  • Conduct the delegation conversation using the robust H3 Five-step Delegation Framework.
  • Evaluate your delegation effectiveness

Benefit of Great Delegation

  • Empowers team members and increases their level of ownership Develops skills and competencies within the team
  • Fosters a learning culture and continuous improvement
  • Boosts team engagement and motivation
  • Builds trust and open communication
  • Reduces the need for micromanagement
  • Promotes problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Enhances job satisfaction and retention
  • Enables succession planning and leadership development
  • Improves overall team performance and team morale

Who should attend

Executives, Senior Managers and Project Leaders leading direct or cross-functional teams.

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2 x 2hr sessions

3/12/2022Session 1: 3/12/2022 Session 2:

Meet Bev & Jill

Bev is a strategic Conversational Catalyst, Facilitator & Interactive Presenter who uses a range of conversational strategies and technologies to stimulate interaction and dialogue.

Bev ably uses her 20+ years in strategy, learning design, leadership, coaching and deep understanding of conversational intelligence to build trust, accountability and inclusive leadership into every conversation.

Jill is a Master Executive Coach with a rare level of skilled    expertise and proven capabilities in working with, and partnering, high performing individuals and teams.

Her 30+ years of proven abilities in coaching, facilitation and the development of strategic thinking is now successfully transferred to a virtual environment.

Limited places available

Limited places available

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