Become a Leader of Influence

At the H3 ACADEMY we coach you on how to enable the positive and ethical changes that shape the future of your organisations and communities.

LEARN To gain or acquire knowledge or skill by study, experience, or being taught. LEAD The initiative in action, to be the example for others to follow. LEVERAGE Use skillsets and knowledge to your maximum advantage.
Raise Your Leadership Influence - 2 Global Facilitators
Choose From 3 Online Leadership Courses
An Integrated Leadership System


and build on your inherent leadership skills, deepening your awareness & appreciation of others through self-mastery, self- regulation, emotional intelligence & quality delegation.


quality leadership and managerial influence inspiring others, as you focus on building a highly functional & synchronised team.


superior performance, time mastery &  high value communication ensuring radical individual accountability resulting in superior execution & delivery.


your operational focus into the successful alignment of organisational purpose, vision & values synchronising the delivery of high quality output.


an empowering, high-performance environment where the focus is creating a competitive advantage through continual improvement of systems, processes, behaviour and quality engagement.


a conscious awareness of the combined impact of quality systems, controls and processes, simultaneously becoming a behavioural catalyst that inspires deep accountability & responsibility in others.


your functional focus into a broader and deeper appreciation of the entire organisational system. Effectively contribute towards the strategic blending of short and long term needs through effective thinking and engagement.


craft an agile environment through influencing conditions for strategic thinking, which like any successful system, is aimed at the conscious creation of an entire system that is continually enabled to adapt and thrive.   


contribute in the value-systems domain where you develop a new repertoire of skills, and a coherent language, actively influencing the viability of the organisation as it becomes even more adept at perpetuating current and future operational and cultural successes.